How big do ball pythons get?

Ball pythons average 3-5 feet with 5 feet being rare examples and of the over 200 animals in my collection i have only one female that has reached the 5 foot mark. Females tend to be slightly larger and heavier bodied than males

Do ball pythons make good pets?

Ball pythons make great pets and there gentle disposition along with the wide array of colors and pattern mutations make them very popular and desirable pets in todays pet trade.

How big of a habitat do they need?

Hatchlings and juveniles can start out life in a 10 gallon tank but increase the tank size as they grow and adults can be kept in a 30 gallon breeder tank with a 36" x 18" floor dimensions.

What kind of habitat do ball pythons need?

Ball pythons require a habit that has an ambient temperature of 80 degrees with a hot spot of 90- 92 and a humidty of 60 % or higher. If your using a glass aquarium I recomend a hide box on both the cool end and one on the hot end to give your snake a choice in temperature range. Also I recomend a background on the back portion of the tank as a visual barrier for your snake to help him or her feel secure in there home.

How often do they eat?

Ball pythons eat every 7 to 14 days as adults depending on the size of the meal and the time of year and we feed our babys and juveniles every 5 to 7 days.

What do ball pythons eat?

Ball pythons eat mice and rats of appropriate size. How do you determine the appropriate size meal for your snake is to remember your snake can only eat something as large or slightly larger than the thickest part of its body.

Is temperature and humidty important?

Yes it is, An ambient temp of 80 is required with a hot spot of 90 - 92 F is recommended. Ball pythons need heat in order to properly digest their food. A basking light or under tank heat pad can provide a good hot spot. Try to purchase all your equipment from a specialty reptile pet store. They sell products that are specifically made for these purposes. Humidty shouldnt fall below 60% especially when they are going through a shedding cycle.

What kind of substrate should I use?

Ball pythons are very hardy and a wide range of substrates can be used but never use cedar chips as the oils in cedar can harm your pet snake. At Nicebalz we use aspen during the winter months and cypress the rest of the year to help simulate dry winters and warm humid summers. This helps to cycle our snakes to get them ready for the breeding season.

Are ball pythons dangerous and do they bite?

No ball pythons aren't dangerous and you shouldn't worry about your pet dog or cat but use common sense and dont expect your ball python and pet hamster to play nice. Also its been my experience that most ball pythons dont bite because of there gentle disposition. But anything can bite if provoked and stressed out and this is usually an indication that something enviromentaly is not correct. So review your husbandry methods and dont be afraid to ask questions from an experienced snake keeper.

Where do ball pythons come from?

Ball pythons, scientificly known as python regius, are found in a wide range in western africa including the countries of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

When can I try to breed my ball python?

Female ball pythons are usually ready and sexually mature after there third winter as long as they are appropriately sized. This means they should be no less than 1300 grams but I prefer them to be closer to 1500 grams. Males can be ready after one year at a much smaller size and I have heard of instances of them breeding at 500 grams or less.