About Us

Welcome to Nicebalz we would like to introduce ourselves, Mike Villalta and Barry Aski. We are two long time friends who developed a passion for the fascinating and beautiful world of reptiles over the last 17 years but have focused our attention solely to the python regius commonly known as the royal or ball python. Who's small size, hardy nature and gentle disposition make it a rewarding python to care for and breed.

Mike is a long time and avid herper that is well known to many Long Island locals from his time spent managing a local reptile specialty store in Centereach New York, The Reptile Center. He has personally researched, cared for and bred hundreds if not thousands of different herps over the course of the years. He takes pride in his knowledge and experience which he freely shares with anyone who wants to learn more.

Barry has been involved in the pet business for over 20 years in the production of many pet and herp specialty products and has always had a passion for exotic pets through the years. Barry has kept many different exotic birds and reptiles but was captivated by the diversity and beauty of the ball pythons when Mike showed him a newly aquired ball python. 

Over the last 7 years we have focused our efforts to care for and breed ball pythons and have decided in late 2009 to start changing our growing passion and hobby into a business. Together we created Nicebalz, though we use a whimsical play on words as our name sake we are serious about ball pythons. As are we committed to providing only the best quality domesticly produced ball pythons while providing superior customer service.

We hope you enjoy our site and know you will be as captivated by the amazing and diversity of the ball python as we are. Please check back often as we are always updating and adding to our site as offspring comes to age and we add to our collection page.

Thank You

Barry and Mike